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Viet Nam Penal Code

Chapter I – Fundamental provisions

Chapter II – Effect of the penal code

Chapter III – Crimes

Chapter IV – Statute of limitation for penal liability examination, penal liability exemption

Chapter V – Penalties

Chapter VI – Judicial Measures

Chapter VIII – Statute of limitation for execution of judgement, exemption from the penalty execution, reduction of penalty term

Chapter IX – Remission of criminal records

Chapter X – Provisions applicable to juvenile offenders

Chapter XI – Crimes of infringing upon national security

Chapter XII – Crimes of infringing upon human life, health, dignity and honor

Chapter XIII – Crimes of infringing upon citizens democratic freedoms

Chapter XIV – Crimes of infringing upon ownership rights

Chapter XV – Crimes of infringing upon the marriage and family regimes

Chapter XVI – Crimes of infringing upon the economic management order

Chapter XVII – Environment-related crimes

Chapter XVIII – Narcotics-related crimes

Chapter XIX – Crimes of infringement upon public safety, public order

Chapter XX – Crimes of infringing upon administrative management order

Newly updated related text

Decree No. 20/2012 / ND-CP

Decree No. 09/2012 / ND-CP

Circular No. 70/2011 / TT-BCA

Resolution No. 01/2010 / NQ-HDTP

Law No. 37/2009 / QH12

Joint Circular No. 19/2007 / TTLT / BNN & PTNT-BTP-BCA-VKSNDTC-TANDTC

Resolution No. 01/2006 / NQ-HDTP

Joint Circular No. 01/2003 / TTLT-TANDTC-VKSNDTC-BCA-BTP-BQP

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Civil Procedure Code and related documents

Chapter I – Duties and Effect of the Criminal Procedure Code

Chapter II – Basic Principles

Chapter III – Procedure-conducting agencies, procedure-conducting persons and the change of procedure-conducting persons

Chapter IV – Participants in the proceedings

Chapter V – Evidence

Chapter VI – Preventive measures

Chapter VII – Minutes, time limit, court costs

Chapter VIII – Prosecution of criminal cases

Chapter IX – General provisions for investigation

Chapter X – Prosecute the accused and interrogate the accused